Saving money on a wedding, with Flea Market finds, it’s trendy!

Do any of you subscribe to Google Alerts?  It’s a program that will send you an email notification when there is new results, such as web pages, articles, research &/or blogs that match the same search word.  I have only a couple words/phrases set up & one, of course, is ‘flea markets’ 🙂  go figure!

So it was about two weeks ago a newspaper article piqued me interest when it listed “wedding decor flea market”.  It just so happens to be wedding planning season & we have a couple of our son’s friends who are engaged so it sort of puts you in the mood, doesn’t it? The premise of the article was a girl had all these wedding decorations from her wedding & didn’t really know what to do with them.  Come to find out there were a lot of other girls with the same issue so a Wedding Flea Market was born.  The vendors are brides, selling their nautical, shabby chic, rustic, camouflage, boho & other styles of wedding decor & more all in one place.

This a picture of the line waiting to get in:

Imagine the excitement!

So I did a little research & this group has a Facebook page:  Pittsburgh Wedding Flea Market!  They also have a website where they say “Save money as a bride, make money as a newlywed!  Did you recently get married and have an abundance of wedding items sitting around collecting dust and taking up space?  Wouldn’t it be nice to see a return on some of the money you spent?  Sell your leftover wedding, shower, and bachelorette items to future brides!  Are you getting married and trying to find those special, new or gently used items to stand out at your wedding and want to save money in the process?  Come and shop for big savings and get beautiful items for a fraction of the cost!”

How many newlyweds can use a little more cash & storage in their new living space? Probably oodles of them!  This really is the best of both worlds: having the wedding of your dreams but being able to make someones dreams come true as well!  I know it would me. I’m all about giving at Christmas time, it’s a warm fuzzy feeling when you give a meaningful gift….so this is kind of like that.

Like any fun flea market, it’s about the hunt as well, right?  What will I find?  Did I even know I liked that?  Maybe I could start collecting these?  Oh, look ❤ my Grandma had one of those.  It’s a feeling that no other shopping experience can give.  With the hundreds {okay, if not thousands} of ways to style a wedding, this has to be a mecca of design, variety, budget & abundance of materials.

Look how happy this bride-to-be shopper looks:


A week or so ago I shared a magazine image on Facebook of the new Country Sampler’s Rustic Wedding premiere issue.  When I saw it last week at the local super store, I knew I wanted to show you some of the picture from it to go along with this flea market idea. Because, with a little imagination & magazine/Pinterest/blog inspiration, a bride-to-be can get some unbelievable planning going in the right direction.

There are some of my favorite images of the Rustic Wedding issue:

Who wouldn’t pick up this one to thumb through?
An easy vignette to duplicate & easily changeable with other color combinations.
SO many ideas  🙂
This might be my favorite:  these quilts are on a ‘couch of hale bales’ while the other items definitely have a vintage vibe.
Loads of pages in the back give you the ‘how to’ on many of the projects shown!
From chair decorations, tablescapes, place cards, guest books & more there is surely something to echo.
Guests will appreciate the hand-made & personal touches.  Stay authentic to your style & you can’t go wrong.

To all the brides & grooms-to-be & their family & friends helping them make their day special, I wish you all many years of blessings!  Happy Junking your Weddings!

photo credits:  Pittsburgh Flea Market Facebook page & website & Country Sampler’s Special Issues!


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