Sisters Garden & Bloom : double the fun!

Call it a long distance love affair, yes, that is what I consider my store-crush with Sisters Garden & Bloom on Hwy. 1, a but North of Kalona, IA.  Don’t drive too fast or you’ll think it’s an actual farm.  Two farmhouses are filled with treasures both vintage & new for a unique shopping experience along with a large yard full of wood & metal decor.  Through the seasons, the yard changes from flowers to pumpkins but it’s the inside is where the magic sparkles.

When I visit, the vintage pieces are what catch my eye first whether it’s an urn planter, walnut end table with pineapple finial, clocks {you know me!}, figurines & even wash boards.  Then the senses pick up a wonderful aroma of a candle.  I remember one in particular, a candle with the name ‘grass’ & smelled better than the fresh cut stuff. Mostly, it’s a place you’ll have to experience for yourself.  And you’ll be a huge fan, like me & wish you could visit more often.

Barbara, the owner, had this farm site on her radar for over ten years.  During that time, before the actual store dream became real, she grew flowers for cutting & drying; making wreaths & selling these along with antiques at flea markets & other stores. She describes it as a “intensive but a labor of love”.  Then  some ten years after she had initially contacted the farm’s owners, she got a back {yeah, they kept her name & number!}, they were ready to sell.  It was meant to be & as she and hubby, Brent, soon got to know the two cute sisters, realizing that had a lot of the same things in common.  This is how they came up with the name too.

Now, 25 years later Sisters Garden & Bloom has grown by adding little expansions to the “garden” & from what I hear, they have more planned soon.  Barbara says if it’s imperfect, they love it even more!  From everything to furniture with peeling paint, well worn & loved garden pots & fountains are some of her favorites.

Through Barbara’s experience of owning the small business of her dreams, she encourages others to do the same. Stating anything is possible–with hard work & dedication.  She recommends to start small & work your way into more as you can afford it to know if it is your true passion.  It’s inspiring to know her story & how it’s developed & it prospers. The shops mission is to “bring happiness, inspiration and kindness to everyone that adventures out to our stores”.

One adorable story she shared is a 5 year old little girl, when asked at school for Valentine’s Day to write ‘why she loves her Mom & Dad’, her answer was “Because they take me to Sisters Garden & Bloom”.  How sweet is that?  Yeah, super sweet 🙂

Be sure & make plans to visit as soon as you can, it’s a true delight & in the meanwhile, here are some images to get your junk mojo going:

Follow them on Facebook {first link above}, check out the blog {second link} and Instagram here:  https://www.instagram.com/sistersgardenbloom/

I hope you enjoy the shopping experience there as much as I do ❤ & tell Barbara & the Sisters that JMTSH sent ya!


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