BHG : thrift like a pro { & more }

My Mom & I like to share & exchange magazines.  Rarely do we have the same subscriptions so it’s a win-win!  Most times I ask for a magazine subscription as one of my Christmas gifts from her & then I get to enjoy it all year long.  This year it was Magnolia Journal {the new Joanna Gaines home style magazine} & I do really love it, I actually read it.  With some magazines, I ‘skim’ over the title of articles & pictures and sometimes never read a full story.  This week, she gave me her Better Homes & Gardens March 2017 issue:


I was pleasantly surprised that I was pulling page after page out of it for future reference: Tulips? Yes, I was just thinking that I’d like to add more perennials to the yard. Shopkeeper section? I pulled the article about Joanna Gaines to use as a bookmark {for their book, of course}.  Cutting Garden? One of my career thoughts at the age of 17 was floral arrangements & I still love the idea.  Tart pan? Another coincidence, I was looking at Leila’s General Store’s tart pan but couldn’t afford the shipping, then I found theirs on page 128.  And of course I went back to page 38, “thrift like a pro” , it was a definite, have to have page:


See the bottom, right corner?  BHG’s latest book, “Flea Market Style“, where if you use this link <<< you can find it on Amazon {a quick google search can give you other shopping selections as well}.  If you want to preview some of the pages, Amazon has the ‘look inside’ option!


Well, that was sort of a mini-version of Magazine Monday, wasn’t it?  Ha, I just realized that while I was typing.  Okay, so that was a nice little self-chuckle that I needed today.

Happy Thrifting All!  ❤


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