Have you heard of Hygge?

As I’ve mentioned, I’m keen on the Scandinavian style of home decorating.  This has given me reason to check out other aspects of this far away culture.  Not sure when I came across this ‘trend’ but have you hear of Hygge, pronounced ‘hoo-ga’?  It’s actually a Danish word that is not easily translated.  It would be fair to say hygge is not a thing, it’s more like an atmosphere or experience & many describe as ‘coziness’ but that’s only part of it.  No matter how you say or pronounce it, in the last 12 months it’s something that has caught on around the globe.

I wanted to check it out more so I bought ‘The Little Book of HYGGE’ by Meik Wiking on eBay.  It’s fascinating to read how other cultures enjoy their leisure time & with the harsh winter months, Danes have got it figured out on how to endure this tough season.  Many of the things that give them this sense of hygge, also appeal to me!  For example, the first thing listed is candles.  Simple as that sounds, it’s high on their list.  Ironically, scented is not a priority.  It’s the glow; the ambiance.  More things that were equally important are blankets or throws, not just for the warmth, but for the overall feel.  Wool socks are another.  I happen to have a colorful pair by SmartWool.  Danes also enjoy their sweets, as in pastries & baked goods.  Being frugal is also high on the list, enjoying the simple things, like spending time with family & friends.  Part of this frugal notion is that hygge gives a warm feeling of thankfulness & admiration for things that age, that were touched & owned by generations.  Now that is beginning to sound a lot like a vintage good time!

No matter the trend, I found it interesting that some of same things that other countries enjoy, we do as well.  We could learn a few things from them, mostly slowing down to savor the things that make us most happy.  Here are some random images, all via Pinterest, I have found that put me in the mind of cozy:

Yep, this is the little book I read on how to live hygge.
This would make it very hard to get out of bed every morning!
Simple food, casual setting & quality time with others.
Danish rhubarb tarts, yum!
Danes ADORE Christmas time.
Their clothing is comfy too.
Crackling fire, warm beverage & toasty tootsies!
Very inviting, don’t you think?
I learned there are some very famous Danish lighting fixture inventors.
Candles & candles….did I mention candles?

What does cozy mean to you?  Happy Hygge Junkers!


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