Country Living magazine is FULL of vintage goodies & blooms galore!

I got distracted earlier last evening, then we were in a tornado watch/severe thunderstorm warning so there I sat listening to the wind chimes on the porch go crazy, I love that sound.  Just was sure hoping the 70 mph winds & hail were only a threat and then, bam, out goes the electricity.  I woke up Junk Hunk Hubby to check the breaker box, called the electric company & a while later we were lucky, everything was back on.  But by then it was time to get things ready for bed, so my Magazine Monday had to wait.

So, to the point…..Mom gave me her Country Living magazine on Sunday, what a great April issue!  There is one picture in particular that made me immediately think “I’ve seen something like that just a few days ago.”  And I did.  It’s in the article ‘A Floral Workshop’ in the Spring Magnolia Journal, issue 2.  {I’ll be posting about very soon; so many great images again!}  Regardless of where or when you see inspiration, the message is: make it yours!

Here are the tear-out worthy pages that caught my eye:

I just love this picture!  Wouldn’t you want this in your yard?  Yeah, me too!
THIS is the picture I told you about that reminds me of the article in the latest Magnolia Journal.  When I post about it, you’ll see what I mean   🙂
This white, enamel colander is a great vessel for blooms!
This might be my favorite: the scale holds loads of flowers.  Don’t you love the color combo?
Kettles & tea tins for the variety of stems, buds & blooms and the color grouping possibilities are endless!
I’m lucky to have my Grandpa Vern’s minnow bucket, now it’s time to use it!
You can’t go wrong with Mason jars & now they come is so many other colors OR you can paint them too!  Get inspired {I have a Pinterst board just for Mason Jars}!
What a great way for perfume bottle to smell good again!!!
I LOVE to talk to people about what they collect & why!  These pages are all about bold, bright colors!
Honestly, this now makes me want to collect pop bottles, teehee!
Vintage image seed packets are perfect: you could group them in a poster frame for a focal piece in your kitchen!
No, I’ve changed my mind, I want retro telephones!  I’ve always been in awe of license plates, maybe because I’ve lived in over 10 states?  Fascinating!
Fishing lures: they would make the best Man Cave Christmas tree.  Retro matchbooks makes me think of motels {hint of how old I might be, ha}; seems every motel advertised on them.
Did rick rack go OUT of style?  It hasn’t for me.  I LOVE it!  When I saw this article, I thought: yes, macrame is over {sorry}.
Perfect accent for kitchen towels & curtains but especially tablecloths!
Does this picture look like it might be from the April 1977 issue?  I can see it  🙂
20170305_195919 (1)
^^^ these cuties on a bedside table in a little girls’ room or guest room ^^^
Painting classes are all the rage in our area.  I great way to spend time with friends.  This is a nice option when you want to stay in.  I’m pretty sure this is in my future!

Super thanks to Country Living magazine for a great issue with loads of wonderful inspiration!  Did this get any of you inspired to find some flowers, dig around your garage or shed & see what you can come up with?  What about a new collection?  Think BOLD colors, maybe a rainbow  of hues.  And even if you can’t sew, rick rack can be your friend in decorating.  Look for the no-sew glue in many craft stores.

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