Magnolia Journal Part Deux

As you know, one of my Christmas gifts {thanks, Mom} come in the mail every season, the Magnolia Journal magazine!  The Spring 2017 issue is just as wonderful as the first, if not a bit better.  There’s Chip’s contribution “Life on the Farm”, it’s a very good story; a fun, floral workshop with friends {you might recognize one of the ladies, she works for Joann & had Fixer Upper work their magic on her home}; some healthy  salad greens & smoothie recipes; a story about a lady in Texas who has an awesome, small ranch; some wardrobe influence; these great vintage images of bulb flowers; advise about subway tile choices & last, but not least, the last page ‘Magnolia Manifesto’ has some great ideas!

It’s not hard to tell that I love to share photos.  I’m very much a visual person, it’s even how I learn best & retain information.  That’s why I’m going to cut right to the pictures so I can share with you my tear-out favorites!  Oh, by the way, I don’t actually tear the pages out of the magazines, I can’t bring myself to do that, & besides magazines are something else I collect.

Here we go:

The cover: be sure to look for it in your local super center!
It wasn’t until last year that I started decorating with books, do you?
What a fun idea: friends & flowers!  Do you recognize the gal to the left? Chip & Jo worked magic on her home {she works for Joanna}.
20170308_195222_001 - Edited
HERE is the PHOTO that popped in my head when I saw the Country Living magazine picture  {see previous blog post!} with the flowers in the cabinet {& THAT cabinet is from Magnolia Home too!!!}  What  a quinky dink!
Admission: jealous! I love these flowers, the vessel, the colors: everything!
Could this also be called the Elvis smoothie?  🙂
These vintage-inspired bulb flowers images are worth framing ❤
I think my Junk Hunk Hubby is tired of hearing about subway tile but if you aren’t, this article is a great reference!
This little back page addition has some good thoughts!

What can we take away from these great ideas?  Be sure to take the time to smell the flowers, enjoy time with friends {& family}, see the beauty in nature, be creative when decorating your home & always find time for some me-time, even if it’s enjoying a few magazines.

Happy Magazine Reading Junkers!

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