Beach Cottage vs. Vintage Style

Haven’t we all misplaced something, sometimes something really important, right?  Well, a magazine article is not in that category but when I couldn’t find my all time favorite living room picture, I was rattled.  I could the pictures in my mind: the mantel, the sofa, the McCoy vases….& I could have sworn it was in my of my favorite junking magazines.  I even googled these things in images, nothing.

Recently, due to running out of storage {shhh, Junk Hunk Hubby does not need to know that} I sorted through my cabinet of magazines 20170309_181650 (1)to make room for more.  Sure enough, I found duplicates so that meant ones I could give to Mom & others to take to our favorite consignment shop.  Then it hit me: What if I tossed it or gave it away?  Thinking I knew which magazine I needed, I started the search.
{That’s another thing about me, I rarely give up on finding what I’m looking for.  I’ll search for days, even months.}  I then started making a list of all the issues of my favorite magazines & cross referencing them with the ones I already have to see what I might be missing {do I hear chuckles?}

This darn search has been going on for almost 6 months now & I’ve looked through that cabinet multiple times too, just ask the family.  The other day our college daughter misplaced some study notes.  I desperately tried to help her retrace her steps, suggested she look under her bed….everything I could think of but they haven’t turned up yet.  I’m not sure why but I started sorting through my cabinet again.  After there was about 2 dozen or so magazines all over the floor, I noticed a magazine stuck inside of another one – there is was!!!  Shock!  It wasn’t in Flea Market Style, Flea Market Decor or even Vintage Style or any other number of my misc. cottage magazines, it was a special publication: Beach Cottages from 2015!

I googled it again & wah-lah, I found it!  Of course I had to share it with all you junkers. There is not one thing I don’t like about this living room.  The rest of the Wisconsin lake home is pretty amazing too!  {I miss the lakes, I lived in Minnesota for 8 years when I was growing up, it’s my second home.}

Here’s a link to Coastal Living magazine’s feature of this great home & then I found the second link, an article featuring the home in 2008 that states Ernest Hemingway owned it!  Read them here:



Now back to my future {wishful thinking} living room  & more pictures:

20170309_070053 - Edited
Yep, this is it!!!  Hard to capture a double page layout so click the links above to get the best image & you too can drool   🙂   Notice the vintage vases on the mantel?
Makes me want to invite my friends over for another soiree…
Not sure I could live with this much pink, could you?  I do love it though!
Sitting out here with some junking magazines: what a way to spend a Sunday afternoon?!?!
Exterior of this lake home & some lake side fun & momentos.


Junking Friends, what elements do you see in your dream room or home?  Let me know!


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