Cottage Style Magazine Spring/Summer 2017 : My Reflections

The newest Cottage Style magazine is another winner!  There is some very charming pictures & variety for those who like to mix in other styles & textures such as coastal & industrial.  I’m going to guess a item or two will appeal to you.  What I like most is that my love of magazines, or better yet, all the pictures, gives me inspiration for when we explore those flea markets, thrift shops & more.

Is there an area in your garden you’d like zhuzh’d up a little?  Or does Spring give you the fever to re-do a room in your home?  Changing out your bedding can be as simple as finding some colorful, vintage linens to give your bedroom a vintage look & feel.  Maybe a new light fixture has caught your eye & would be perfect in your kitchen or dining room? Make sure you check the wiring before connecting to any existing electrical sources; personally I’d have to have Junk Hunk Hubby put that on his honey-do list 🙂

Here are the magazine visions that I wanted to share with you.  Of course, you can get this publication in your local super market to see all the rest & the low-down of information for each article.  I hope you find inspiration too:

Cottage Style cover: get yours so you too can get inspired!
Patterns everywhere but they work: neutrals on the rug & chair cushions allow the pillows to draw you in for a relaxing time to read Cottage Style or other junkin’ magazines!
The subtle tint of color on the cabinets are perfect!  The marble subway tile is some of my favorite.  I’m pretty sure, above the stove, is a framed mirror: genius!
20170326_111818_001 - Edited
This little corner desk could be the brown one you walked by last week at your favorite second-hand consignment shop.  Look what some paint, boards on the diagonal & decorative finials for legs can do!
I while back I saw an online tutorial: a cute hand-made outdoor pillow stitched using a pre-formed cushion & an over-sized nylon grocery bag that had a beautiful floral image.
Hobby Lobby is full of lighted letters.  If it’s galvanized or already painted, think about repainting it to go with your decor!
Mix-N-Match for an eclectic vibe!
What a fun young man’s room: no theme here, just some soft, comfy vintage bedding, Stay Puft Marshmallow Man & a reading lamp/sconce.
Who wouldn’t want to sit here & soak in Spring?
This space wants me to invite friends over! I have a favorite vendor @ the What Cheer Flea Market that carries vintage table clothes….the vase appears to be McCoy but if not, it’s still adorbs!
A cabinet full of blue glassware, that can be found in all sorts of venues.   That red door pops against the gray sided home with blue flower boxes.  Notice the two urns on either side of the steps!
Sisal rugs are still a great options to keep floors in a neutral tone, giving other decor the hues to notice.  Most all furniture you find can be painted.  Blue glass bottles as vases & easy & laid back.  Another painting project: lamps!  Remember to look @ the shape, not the color it is now.  Clocks!  Can never have enough, even if they don’t work; they are a favorite of mine!
Here’s a nod to the industrial cottage. Notice the granite colored chairs, the gear in the top right corner of the built-in’s & those awesome light fixtures = swoon!
A pared-down laundry room: just the basics here that double as a mud room.
That – Vintage – Lantern !!!
Hydrangea are one of my top 5 flowers.  Do you have a bush with these blooms?  I do; it has yet to product any petals yet.
One one side: a vintage fan {even if it doesn’t work, it makes this space fun}; the headboard: a vintage door turned on it’s side {so many options!}; again: vintage bedding!
This is a wonderful outdoor, relaxing space where I could sit after a day of junkin’ !
Those chairs could double as kitchen chairs, the vining greenery could be clematis or even a vegetable like tomatoes, I love the string lights & the fish on the back wall gives it a friendly, man-space vibe.

As you can see, there are so many things that can be found & brought home {indoors or out} to give or compliment your personality & style.  What do you have that you consider priceless & you still love after all these years & where did it come from?

Stay tuned, Junking Friends, I’ve got a year full of pickin’ adventures so stay tuned for the goodies I’ll be sharing here!





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