Junkin in Omaha Today

We made it!  Actually we arrived last night, got some rest & was @ JunkStock before it opened @ 9am!  The new Sycamore Farm location isn’t hard to find but it is out of town further than I expected, no biggie.

I’ve got more pictures to share but after 5 1/2 hours of junking & a nice supper @ Olive Garden, we’re tuckered out, ha.  I’ve organized the vendor business cards I picked up, made my list: matching items bought to their previous owner {vendor} & liked all the vendor FB pages.  I brought the smaller treasures to our room, as usual, to get another look & get them ready for more traveling.  I’m super happy with what I snagged.  There were two items I sadly left behind:  a screen door with some awesome wood accents & a metal scroll piece I wanted for our porch reno but Junk Hunk Hubby said they wouldn’t fit in the junk wagon {Ford Escape}.  He’s now talking about trading the diesel {lots of miles on her} on a different truck so we can bring bigger junk home = how sweet is that?  {VERY!}

Now it’s time of un-junk a bit: type this up, post to social medias & watch the new Nate & Jeremiah by Design premier on HGTV tonight.  Here was the beginning of our day:

Around to the right, turn right, turn right again, okay one more time…..
Off in the distance….is that it?
Butterflies in the tummy feelings every time I get this close to events.
Two lines going in….long lines, but once it was 9am it was quick to get in!
Junk Hunk Hubby being silly? Nah, he doesn’t like his picture taken.
That’s me.  
Sign on one of the barns….reminds me of Magnolia Market.

Stay tuned Junkers!  I’ve got A LOT more to show n’ tell soon!  If you get a chance, JunkStock is open tomorrow {Sunday} too!


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