A New Vintage Inspired Clock

Not sure what happened to the South-Western corner of our living room but over the weekend the cream wall clock fell.  Then one nail holding up my JunkMarket artillery basket fell too.  So of course, I took that as a sign:  the clock needed replaced instead of repaired.  The pieces were too small this time { it had fallen off the wall before & Mom had glued it the last time}.  A girl could hope for a new clock, right?

Today I was taking College Daughter back to her apartment after a great weekend & we thought we’d check Hobby Lobby’s clock section.  GUESS WHAT?  All the clocks were 50% off!!!  This one was hiding behind three others & the only one like it & my favorite so it came home.  Here she is >>> ❤


JunkMarket artillery basket is once again secured on the wall with new nails & the new vintage-inspired clock is a winner with Junk Hunk Hubby!

What decorating obstacles have you overcome lately?

Happy adding new vintage-inspired things to your space!

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