Rainy Fun @ Junk Jubliee!

Hey All Junkers:

Did any of you get out to the Junk Jubilee at the Des Moines {IA} Varied Industries Building @ the Fairgrounds?  Luckily we were already going up to celebrate College Girl’s grades & acceptance into her program of choice this Fall 🙂  Her request was Red Lobster. So she & Junk Hunk Hubby dropped me off for about an 1 1/2 hours while they looked around Bass Pro.  I call that a great trade-off, don’t you?

The last time I was at this event was Christmas 2015 with Mom so I was anxious to see new vendors, some familiar faces & the wares that everyone had to share.  I have to say that I’m overjoyed to be able to know some of these fine vendors.  They work so hard & are so very creative & they do it all for us junkers.  How lucky are we?

I was able to get some very good pictures of the event in between all the attendees {& boy there were A LOT of them!} so I’m just going to jump to that.  At the bottom here at links to some of the vendors that were my favorites:  known & new, so please be sure to click each one so they know we’re here to support them!

Here’s my loot:  two vintage fishing lures, three Shiny Brite antique Christmas ornaments,  a sweet green frame w/delicate features & a wood plinth moulding; not to mention all the flyers & business cards!
If you’ve been following me at all, you know how much I love vintage campers: there are no words.
This oversized metal sign is just awesome!
I was stuck by the contrast of this piece: the rusty patina with chandelier crystals = fun!
This vendors vignettes were some of my favorites.  I instantly thought, “Joanna Gaines would luv these plants!”.
These leaves are so delicate looking.
I first noticed the MOTEL sign but there are other wonderful things here too, like the Mason’s/Past Matron’s sign, probably from the 60’s or 70’s?
This is Pam with Old Parts ~ New Hearts!  So great to see her again!
Trying to get a shot of these huge chandeliers but then I realized, the lighting in this building is fantastic!
I was drawn to the Men Working sign but then saw the mailroom bins & they stole my heart.  Not sure why but I’ve always wanted one!
Another angle on the chandelier…..wow!
This is how I envision my porch to look like.
The Green Door had some fun things: ducks too  🙂
The Ladies at Urban Heirlooms are the friendliest vendors around!  
I have a dress form, not a Wolf model with metal bottom, but I’m grateful for the one I have, her name is Rosemary  <3.   Had to share this beauty!


These botanical prints are super adorbs!
More fun things but see that rusty metal, architectural piece clear in the back, on the top?           Oh yeah!
This reminds me of the huge cabinet we used to have back in the day that my Dad called The Monstrosity….LOL.
This collection is another of my favs!
I was captivated by the rusty metal contrasted with the fragile white flowers: my kind of thing!
Anything w/windows & window frames ❤ 
Rusty metal, clay crock, terra cotta, wood, glass & live plants in harmony ❤ 
This set-up bed made me think of the time I was able to visit one of the first Junk Markets {now Junk Bonanza}…..good memories of junk!
I think some vendors might not have been so happy to see my snapping pictures, but when you love the look, you love the look, right?!?!
This arbor made from all types of salvaged pieces would be a great wedding accent!
What’s not to love?
The gingerbread under Roadside Relics sign is SO gorgeous!
Another of my new favorite vendors,  B Restored ❤ 
Another view…
Another arbor, in metal w/patina!

Now here is the list, be sure & show some love ❤

T & B Vintage  thanx for the fishing lures!
B Restored
The Junker Shop
Struble Antiques   thanx for the ornaments!
Cath Scadden   thanx for the moulding!
Old Parts ~ New Hearts
Urban Heirlooms
Checkpoint 19 Antiques

Sorry if I missed tagging anyone for pictures.  I appreciate it!

Happy Junkin’!

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