Spring Time for the Double Wash-Tub & Yard

Hey All You Junk Lovers!

I thought I’d take a break & show you what Junk Hunk Hubby & I have been up to this last weekend….besides going to two flea markets 🙂

If any of you know me personally, you know I don’t claim to be an outdoor lover unless it means sitting in a boat or a sandy lake beach {preferably in MN}.  For some reason I had all this energy & we spent over 3 hours in the yard.  It needed cleaned up from all the Winter blah’s.  I was anxious to get my double wash-tub zhuzhed up for Spring and wah-lah….it turned out great.  Then, one thing lead to another & after a big haul to Menard’s for flowers {didn’t get enough & gotta go back for more – what a horrible problem to have, huh?} we have a decent looking yard!

I’ll explain the pictured items just below each so it’s easier for me:

The red chicken basket on the rusty chair, the chicken feeders & double-wash tubs are all from What Cheer Flea Markets.  The {gold for now} iron bed railing is from JunkStock.  The iron ornate cross, I think, is from Hobby Lobby?  The Mama chicken is from The Stuff Store & her ‘big’ chicks are from a dear friend.
The crock was given to me by a dear friend {yep, FREE!}.  I think the metal crate is a milk crate, am I right?  I picked it up @ What Cheer this weekend & found the perfect plastic flower pot insert @ Menard’s.  It will have flowers soon!
A hosta plant died over the Winter in this area so I put my aqua wash tub, also from What Cheer here.  I always fill it with geraniums….it just seems like the right flower!  We need to replace basement windows so in the meanwhile we have some boarded over.  I put this aluminum sheet over the board in the front of the house.  I got it from Rescued Junk when they had their shoppe in downtown DSM years ago.  The house number sign is something I made from an old Home Interior tray.  I found pictures of that project so I’ll share those soon!!!
This is the other side of the front.  Remember me saying last Fall : pay no attention to the stairs or railing, ok, do that again 🙂  The crock is from the same dear friend & was free.  The over-sized mailbox is from Black Bird Primitive.  The iron/metal flower box holder is from Vintage No. 35 from a long time ago.  The actual flower pot was from GoodWill & hunter green; I painted it copper & I think it looks great with the rust.  Hello Mrs Flamingo from At Home.
Oooo, I forgot to sweep, lol.  Notice this close-up of the flower pot holder & pinks that brighten it up.  The wrought iron wall hanging on the porch, to the left, is from What Cheer FM a few years back.
This chair is one of my favs, it still has some metal pieces hanging on.  I got this electric wash tub from a nice man @ WCFM on Saturday.  I loved the metal handles & the logo!  Don’t the  flowers soften things up?
Here’s a bigger shot of the side yard.
And…the double wash-tub….another WCFM find!  If you remember {or look back] it held pumpkins, gourds, Indian corn & bittersweet ❤ last Fall!  How it holds English ivy, a tiny fern, some pinks & viola.  I love it!  I would have painted the stand by now but I just can’t decide on a color….suggestions?
Up close & personal with the new flowers ❤

I’m happy to share these junk finds with you.  I’m very please with how it all turned out & I burned a few calories along the way too!

Happy Spring Junkin’!



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