A Flea Market with an Honorable Purpose

Ok, all flea markets have a purpose, right…to make us happy?!?!  Well, some have a purpose that means something to the community, to help make it better or improve. Geneva is a small community in north-central Iowa of about 200 people.  Their community betterment group of 7 first wanted to do a fundraiser in an effort to use the profits for building their small town back up & doing improvements.  The first event was so successful they needed to move it to a more accommodating venue.

Typically, they have between 70 and 100 vendors where antiques, repurposed junk, handmade items & vintage wares are featured.  When Junk Hunk Hubby & I wanted a Facebook video before our trip, we could see that it might be set in a State Park area & in fact it is a conservation park & it’s beautiful {see a few of the pictures below}!  This Fall they will again be moving due to the $100,000 that they have been able to raise by The Market along with donations & grants in an effort to restore the auditorium on the Geneva School’s grounds in town {some thought it should be torn down, oh, NO!}.  But they are determined & challenges fuel their mission.

While the group didn’t have any background in the junk industry, they’ve done well. They all have day jobs:  a carpenter, a county road maintenance worker, a cleaning lady & a couple office managers.  I’d say that’s a great combination of minds that each would have wonderful things to contribute & be able to see obstacles or issues from other angles.  Which for them has lead to being able to learn & get direction by reaching out to people they know, organizations & other community groups.

The Geneva Market loves their “best, fun-loving, kind-hearted” vendors & are grateful for the support they continue to give to the meaning behind the event.  So far, it’s a story of determination, creativity & hard work but it sounds like this might just be the beginning. Knowing the story myself, having had a chance to connect with Tonya from the committee & being able to share it with you all, makes it much more that what I originally knew about this event:  an article that listed it as one of the top 6 flea markets to see in Iowa!

There’s just something about old vehicles {cars, trucks, VW vans/bugs}  & junk events ❤
Aisles of treasures……swoon!
Wood & rust : a match made in heaven!
I suspected this would be a beautiful setting, but had no idea about the little, charming lake!  What a sweet surprise!
The breeze was lovely {some might say chilly, but not me} & the sunshine a welcome companion!
Just need a vintage lawn chair & some sweet tea….
The venue was set up super nice; easy to get around with large aisles 🙂
Can you believe all this great stuff ?!?!?
Junk Hunk Hubby & I grabbed a pop & water & took in the view at the lodge.
Another view.
Cluck!  Chicken items speak to me.  What speaks to you?
I wasn’t going to post this picture…well, because it’s the loo, but I had to.  It brings back fond childhood memories for me of camping in State Parks.  Making this setting fun & nostalgic!
You know me & vintage signs….LOVE!  These were on our way to Hampton, just off I35 North.  JHH teases me when I pull over in random places to take these pictures…but I HAVE to 🙂

Happy Junking @ The Geneva Market!





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