TIY a House~Number Sign

Welcome Junk Lovers to a TIY project I did a few years back.  Oh yes, I better explain the TIY again….instead of DIY.  Here’s my thoughts, we’ve all see the epic failures of Pinterest projects & there are a lot of DIY efforts that don’t go as planned not to mention it’s almost like a demand { do it } without the intention.

That’s why I like to say TIY or Try It Yourself, as in….see how it goes, do your best & no pressure.  Just like when your Mom & mine would say try the salmon patties, right?  Ok we tried it, didn’t like it & everyone was happy 🙂

Rewind 19 years ago when College Girl was a sweet bun in the oven and we’d just moved to our current home.  We needed house numbers.  Just like fonts, I’m a little picky about what they look like.  Luckily I found some large wooden, unpainted numbers at Hobby Lobby & painted them navy blue.  Eventually they split from dryness & needed replaced. I’d picked up an old Home Interior metal tray with handles at a vintage shop in Buffalo, MN & it was waiting for a project.  This was it!  The tray was ugly, in color, but it had fleur de’ lis & dot designs that seemed worth highlighting.

Fast forward to this year.  The sign itself had been moved to the porch railing because of a big storm & Junk Hunk Hubby didn’t want to screw more holes into the siding.  Then, a few weeks back as we were zhuzhing up the yard with flowers & moving things around, I decided the house~number sign needed a new home.  I took off the nuts/bolts that held on the cut-out metal sheet behind it {it found a new home & now covers a basement window in style} & decided it could be put on the rusty trellis.  Wa~la, it worked!

Lucky again I kept these pictures all these years.  Here’s the project & remember:  see the beauty, possibilities & ask yourself “can it be painted or modified in a simple way to give it a new purpose?”.

Yes, that color is horrible!  It was a bargain price & I loved the handles, dots & other designs….I just knew it could be something special ❤
Sometimes Pinterest just isn’t your friend 😦  I found these PERFECT letters but the link wouldn’t take me to any real info: like info where to buy OR how to make…what’s a crafty girl to do?
Make your own!  See how many times I make lines of lines in the attempt to get the right thin/thickness in varying areas of each number?  It took a while, getting the height was tricky too.
Spray paint in my favorite aqua was the first step in making her beautiful.  Then it was on to tracing the numbers in just the right areas.  Straight, diagonal, back & forth….
I bought this sheet of punched at the then Rescued Junk’s downtown Des Moines store with no idea of what would become of it, I just loved it.
A simple pair of pliers crimped the edges over so the raw edges weren’t quite as dangerous. 
Junk Hunk Hubby in action & the new house~number sign going up!
Had the storms not torn it off, it would still be here, looking fabulous!
It’s new home, on the rusty trellis, and over to the right you can see a bit of the screen.  A smidge lower than I’d like but I think it works great in this space., don’t you?

Zhuzhing up all kinds of junk has endless probabilities, just because it’s the wrong color, size or shape, only means that you need to think of it was something else.  If you are drawn to it, there’s a reason….so if the price is right, grab it & see what you can come up with 🙂  Happy Junking!

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