Paint by Number kits couldn’t be better!

Hey Junkers!

As you know, I like to share my favorite magazines.  Gorgeous styled rooms with mixes of new, vintage, retro & other styles that you can incorporate into your homes.  It was quite a few months ago, on the back page of my Mom’s Country Living magazine was an adorable picture of pink flowers in turquoise Mason jars.  I was excited to see that you could order this paint by number craft!

CL magazine has partnered with http://www.easy123art.com with more than 20 different subjects & scenes to choose from & that’s just Country Living’s kits.  There are even more kits available in different styles like sports, Americana & even create your own from a personal photo & there are different sizes too!  It’s hard to choose just one but I am a jar lovers so I ordered the one pictured below!  I’ll be sharing my ‘creativity’ in a future post when it’s all done.  It will be fun to tell you about my thoughts of the kit, instructions & outcome.  Hopefully it will inspire you to try a kit as well!

Here is a picture of the kit headed my way & some links for you to view more:


View the Country Living kits here:

View easy123art.com’s home page:


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