Get out to the IA & NE Flea/Vintage Events this Weekend

Hello Vintage & Flea Market Lovers!

It’s a great weekend to live in Iowa & Nebraska if you want to get out for some pickin’! It’s hard to believe that flea markets & other outdoor events are in full swing, isn’t it? Having grown up in Northern Minnesota, we didn’t have humidity, or at least it was rare. The temperature didn’t get in the 90’s too often which I think is ideal.  And although I’ve been living in Southern Iowa for over 30 years {geez, that made me stop & think!}, I’m certain that I will never get used to or enjoy the humidity, that also seems to be around in colder weather.  Sadly, it has to be a super nice, breezy, low-humidity day for me to be able to enjoy these events.

Of course I do get out & about but at times it’s climate controlled.  If, when I check the forecast, it looks as if it’s going to be steamy, I try to think of other enjoyable treasure hunts.   Thrift & second-hand stores are always good choices!  If I’m lucky enough to be able to plan a full day, I make a list & try to map out a plan.  If you have a Google account {I have two, one personal & one for JMTSH} you can go to my maps & customize your trip.  I first saw this featured over at KevinandAmanda.com & I’m linking it so you can view their tutorial; it’s super easy.  It’s also great for planning your accommodations & places to get local eats! We’ve used it for family & junk trips and I love that I can print it {I’m a visual person so having that map IN my hands is very comforting in new surroundings}.

If you’re the warmer-weather-the-better type of vintage & junk shopper, there are four FANTASTIC events going on this weekend!  I have been to all of them & it wouldn’t be fair to say I have a favorite, I just couldn’t.  They all are unique in their own way.  I have featured some great artists/vendors on the blog that make these venues so fun & you won’t go wrong by choosing any of them {or more….make it a junk marathon}!

Only way to be fair is we’ll take the school approach & do this alphabetical 🙂

1. JunkStock


2. Southern Iowa Junk Jaunt


3. The BARN in Wellman


4.  Vintage & Made Fair


^ Hi Mom ❤  I’m happy to share these photos are from my collection.

JunkStock is in Omaha, NE and now located at Sycamore Farm.  Not at all hard to find, just a few miles out of town & there it is….acres of vintage goodness.  We’ve been there twice, first when it was at the old dairy farm & then this last Spring @ Sycamore.  Be sure to enjoy some cuisine at the exclusive food trucks too.

Southern Iowa Junk Jaunt is a collection of vendors & actual stores that have formed a junk bond {is that a pun?} like no other.  They are open at the same time to give shoppers a uniformed experience, support each other through singular advertising, offer a ton of variety & are all in close proximity to make this a unique experience.  It’s full of that welcoming, home-town feel.

The BARN in Wellman, IA features a real barn on a real farm for a true country backdrop like no other.  Their story is just as fun as they are: two Mom’s and their two daughters are the creative geniuses of this event.  Vendors are hand selected, giving you the best vintage, upcycled, junk show around.  Find a shady spot to sit & enjoy a bite to refresh in between all that shopping.

Vintage & Made Fair, in Urbandale, IA, now at Living History Farms, is a self proclaimed indie-craft & vintage affair. My take is:  it has a bo-ho, hippy, vintage, recycled, rustic & romantic vibe all rolled into one. It’s spread out with lots of room for meandering so you can soak it all in.  They too have yummy treats.

If you to any or more of these great places, drop me a line & let me know how you enjoyed it!  Happy Junking!!!


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