Day~Dreaming of a Shabby Chic Outdoor Dream Space with Chairish Treasures

Hello Vintage & Junk Lovers:

I’m honored to be invited to be a part of the Chairish challenge to design a shabby chic dream space!  After a few email exchanges, I was then faced with: what faux room do I want to decorate for this challenge?  With the options wide open, I was torn between an in-home office & outdoors.  So, since it was my house number sign that got their attention, it seemed right for me to come up with an outdoor space to love.

cottage white door with peonies entrance to garden

I found this adorable image on Pinterest & it was instantly my inspiration, I thought, what would it look like on the other side?  Imagine a well maintained but not overly manicured grass area with inlaid stones that create a pathway all around & pebble stone areas to contrast against the colors in the trees & flowers.  Maples, willow & a pine trees line the edge for a cozy, including a secluded area that you can enjoy all by yourself . Other areas are more open & meant to bring family & friends together.  Flower beds spring up randomly with David Austin roses, hydrangea, more peonies, sweet william, hollyhocks, foxgloves, phlox, daisies, coralbells, dianthus, iris & violets.

With all these lovely things to see, you’ll want to sit & enjoy yourself for hours, right? Mix that quality time with sharing it {or showing it off} to have family dinners, celebrate birthdays & holidays in the warm weather or have a girlfriend’s get together! The entire space is versatile where the pieces can be moved around to suit the needs of that day. You want to be comfortable, cozy & still be in style.

Use your imagination & follow along with me while I include my thoughts for each image: how & where I’d place each hand selected item.  At the end of this post you’ll have links to Chairish so you too can take a look at their shabby chic items & more, if shabby isn’t quite to your liking.  Here are the things from Chairish I would add to a wonderful, outdoor, shabby chic garden dream space to make it inviting:


white iron garden bench
The above white iron garden bench was the first thing that caught my eye!  It’s just adorable!  Sit a spell…..

Then add a vintage ‘flower garden hexagon’ quilt from Grandma {or someone’s Grandma} & some vintage and hand-made pillows.  This variety shows how the patterns mix well with the florals & the colors move into Fall.  If the fabric isn’t outdoor friendly, simply store them away when you come inside.

Not only do these colors blend well, they make a great pair.  The simple choice would be to put the vintage birdhouse on the chippy chair.  Or, place a battery light in the birdcage, attach a chain & hang it from a sturdy branch in one of the trees, near a sitting area or back in a corner for texture.  You could also place the chair underneath branches with a flower pot filled with violets.

A few more lighting options!  The white, wooden lanterns can be scattered around the outdoor dream space {with twinkle lights inside each} or clustered together, or try both at random times. The chandelier would be wonderful over a table/sitting area for a little more elegance.  If you’re going to use it strictly for outdoor, consider having it attached {by an electrician} to a long extension cord so it can be moved around.

Items paired in three tend to catch your eye, do they yours too?  Because of their rich orangey-rust, I put them together here.  In my mind’s eye I see large dark pink peony bushes, their large blooms peeking around these three shabby chic beauties.  What about large sea shells inside the urn with their silvery pink tones?

It’s time to entertain!  I’m smitten with the white, vintage metal table & crowned with several green, vintage clamshell bouncy chairs for a retro & fun element.  Bring in the vintage beverage cart {line it & fill with ice for drinks} & the white wicker bar cart to keep food & condiments organized.  The vintage green melamine Boontonware sets the tone for casual dining & the shabby candle holders will come in handy at dusk, when you can’t bring yourself to go inside.

How precious is this green, vintage wicker chair & cast iron French Bulldog statue, yeah, precious?!?!  Among the iris & hydrangea, you’ve just found your favorite spot to sit & read your favorite romantic novel with a little pal to keep you company.  the Frenchie can be placed on a pebblestone edge to avoid being directly on the ground.

These last few treasures would be brilliant in the shabby chic outdoor dream space. The Greek God bust adds a bit of elegance to those special occasions {remember the chandelier!}.  The distressed white steamer truck is perfect for misc. storage, be sure to seal it if leaving it outdoors.  The shabby, folk art birdhouse planter/terrarium could be put on a table when not entertaining.  Imagine a trio of terra cotta pots filled with ivy or fern inside the terrarium too!  Lastly the antique zinc finial would be a great focal piece for any part of the garden.

Chairish’s Shabby Chic link:  https://www.chairish.com/style/shabby-chic

Chairish’s Home page link:  https://www.chairish.com/

Thanks Vintage Lovers for taking this imaginary trip with me though the ultimate, outdoor dream space filled with shabby chic goodness!

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