Sneak Peak at Paint by Numbers Canvas Picture

Hey Junkers!

My Country Living’s Belle of the Ball canvas kit from easy123art arrived this week. Although I haven’t had time for projects lately, I did want to show you the layout of the numbers on the canvas & talk briefly about the products.

Let me start by saying I think the quality of the wood & canvas are nice.  For the price paid, I would have preferred a guard on the two paint brushes since they are loose on the back side of the canvas with the paint that is plastic wrapped.

Actually, the first thing I noticed was the canvas itself & the numbered areas.  They are very tiny, miniscule in fact.  I’m wondering if some sections might even be a one or two bristle paint brush!  This last week I had an eye exam & my eye doctor suggested I have a pair of computer/reading glasses separate from my regular, daily glasses.  Over the last couple months, I’ve been having trouble reading fine print {my cherished magazines!} & seeing my computer clearly {all day at work & then at home}.  The doctor was able to show me how much better I would be able see with this special pair of glasses so I’ve decided to try it!  There was an adorable blue/black speckled pair of frames on eBay for $6.99/free shipping that help on the cost of two sets of lenses  ;).  It will be fun to have a cute pair & I’m so excited to be able to see better!

As you can imagine,  I won’t be staring on this project until my new glasses are here. Then I’ll be comfortable enough to start on painting this adorable picture, number by tiny number, ha.  Who knows how long it might take so I’ll post as-I-go updates if needed!

Here’s the sneak peak:

Yep,  some paint sections are itty bitty…..


Happy Creating Junkers!


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