Hello Hummingbird!

Hello hummingbird 20170620_090044

Just outside my office window, I placed {ok, our Maintenance Man, Bill, placed…} the shepherd’s hooks & I put out my green, vintage-bottle hummingbird feeder about 2 weeks ago.  Waiting & waiting for a little, flighty bundle of speed to show up & enjoy some homemade sugar water.

Finally, ‘he’ arrived!  Bill {see above} kept asking me everyday, “Did you see one yet?” and I’d reply, “No” 😦  “Be patient, they’re around…”  Then this little guy shows up & I’m thrilled.  Bill keeps saying “It’s a green one!  It’s a green one!” LOL  Being a great gardener he knows his birds too.

I’m happy to share with you my little visitor that surprises me from time to time & gives me a much needed smile {especially after a huge I-9 audit today, ugh}!  Still waiting for him to bring his friends but maybe he’s keeping this secret spot to himself?

Happy Summer All!


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