OMGosh….I can SEE !!!

new reading glasses20170624_162630

Hi Junkers!  Yep, that’s me & my first selfie here.

Remember the paint-by-numbers canvas post & I said I wasn’t going to tackle it till I had my new reading/computer glasses….well, here they are so I had to show you.  They are prescription….indicative of my age {50+} but today I couldn’t care less!  I had NO idea my eyes had changed so much in one year.  For the past several months, I was taking my glasses off {normal, no-line bifocals} to read, then the computer, at work & home, wasn’t the clearest so I finally went in for a new exam.  It was super thorough & due to the amount of hours I use the computer & read, he highly recommended continuum lenses. I’m a little picky about frames so I found these cute ones on eBay for $6.99/free shipping {they were actual 1.5+ reading glasses}.  There is only a $10.00 charge at Wal-Mart to bring in your own!  Makes perfect senses {cents} to me 🙂

Now I’m not able to see much past about 2 feet in front of me with these & I haven’t taken them to work yet since it’s Saturday so the verdict is still out on how they are going to do long term but, when I picked up this Cottage & Bungalows magazine I’d been saving & I could not believe it: the super fine print was readable!  Game changer in being able to enjoy my beloved magazines ❤

I did try on my new, everyday no-line bifocals & couldn’t see well in those at all.  The optician double checked the lense placement, etc & everything was correct.  We think it’s because of the change in Rx so she suggested I don’t use them today.  Instead start out with them tomorrow first thing & see how it goes.  It might take up to a week for my eyes to get ‘pulled back’ & adjust.  Not looking forward to that but I’ve had a headache for so long already I’m hoping to be surprised & things are better soon.

Going to enjoy some serious magazine time this weekend.  Hope you find something seriously enjoyable too!

Happy Junking Visionaries!!!




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