Our 4th of July tradition…let’s have a parade!

Hello Vintage Lovers!

What did you do to celebrate America’s Birthday?  Spend it with family, friends, grilled out, went boating, visited someone or maybe you’re on vacation out of state?  Our family… most of them {Junk Hunk Hubby isn’t into all of the festivities 🙂 } make it to the annual Bussey 4th of July Parade!  Yep, this little town of 416 < nope, no missing numbers > puts on a great, little-known show.

Not sure of the year, I think I was about 8 maybe 9, when my Grandparents {my Mom’s folks} & I rode in the parade.  Judy, our ‘rented’ Amish horse for the summer because she was expecting, pulled us in the buggy that my Mom & my Dad’s Dad he restored, similar to this one:

old buggy

This year seemed perfect to share with you our July 4th morning, when we step back in time.  Sit back & enjoy these pictures from our Tuesday fun!

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These classic cars above are great!  The gray Ford is my favorite, what’s yours?

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These vintage tractors are loud & some are smokey but they all have charm.  I think my favorite is the Oliver!

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The Zig-Ga-Zag Shriners from Altoona never fail to entertain the crowd with the little red cars, tiny motorbikes, little white race cars & more….we sure do miss Ed Overturf in his red car, he always had Elmo riding shotgun ❤

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Kids of all ages enjoy this parade!  I don’t think anyone would be turned down to join in the fun as long as they were in the patriotic spirit & bring a smile 🙂  There are businesses, churches letting you know of bible camp/school dates, politicians {although none this year….hmmmm}, fire trucks from lots of surrounding communities, a local dune buggy club, horses & mules & more.  I told the family, I think the kids at the parade got more candy than at Halloween.  Morgan Construction was even handing out CASH in exchange for likes on Facebook = genius marketing!

Wouldn’t you know it, a long train cut the parade short about 2/3rds of the way through. Many thought the parade was over & started walking up to the City Park where they have a carnival & music.  We were glad Dad wanted to tag along but he was ready to go when the lull in the parade happened so I didn’t get pictures of the last part; next year! As you can see, the 4th of July in Bussey, IA is a big deal.  At dusk, Bussey has quite a fireworks display too!  If you get that chance to visit during this great event with a peek into the past, you won’t be disappointed.

Happy Summer Junkers!


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