Magazine Monday: Doll Head Vase Collecting & Flea Market Decor

Hello Vintage Devotees:

I’ve been meaning to share this little Flea Market Decor {May/June 2017 issue} article with you for a while now.  It has special meaning to me & some of my family!  I haven’t known anyone except my Grandma Baker {Pearl} that collected doll head vases.  They were always lovingly on display in her ‘front’ room {aka living room}.  I wish now I would have ask her about them, how she came to collect them & why.  If she got one as a gift, she put their name on the bottom & when she passed away they returned to that person.  My Mom has a few in her china cupboard now {see below}.

I remember being fascinated with them, thinking of them as if they were a real lady, wondering why she was so dressed up & where she was going.  Some had super fancy eyelashes, others had big hats & others had gloves & necklaces; always only gazing at them, knowing they were just too special to pick up to inspect.

I’ve done a bit of research & it seems they are making a comeback & reproductions were made so if you want vintage, do your homework.  Places such as eBay & etsy are great resources with a wide range of prices to suit any collectors budget.  Apparently some are very valuable so if you already have some, you might want to see what yours are worth. They aren’t just used as a vase anymore either, as the article mentions.

Here’s are pictures of what my Mom has:

As you can see, Grandma’s collection was a good variety of styles, sizes & shapes.  Did your grandma or aunt have a collection of these?


Share with us if you have a doll head vase collection or know someone that does, we’d love to hear from you!  Meanwhile, whatever it is that you might collect, know that it’s important to be true to who you are & love it, just because it makes you happy, as I’m sure my Grandma’s vases made her happy as well!

Happy Vintage Collecting Lovelies!



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