Magazine Monday’s Vintage Style : Refresh, Recycle, Re-do

Vintage Style cover 20170717_180900

Hello Vintage Stylers:

I thought I’d start out with the good things first ^^^ like this awesome cover!  What catches your eye first?  The shutters on the wall, the green, chippy table, the red, ticking fabrics, the rooster statues???  Me? I love it all!

Inside this great find of vintage-image filled pages are flea market finds, cottage beauty, Brimfield {MA} info, smart vertical storage ideas, floral trends, some TIY, porch living, charming found objects, a familiar Iowa {The Barn, Wellman} barn & so much more !  If you’re a bit like me, pour some sun tea, sit back & absorb the magic & be entertained by all the vintage inspiration:

10 Priceless FM finds 20170717_180056
This little article is almost about collections too!  I’m drawn to so many things here: architectural salvage, chandeliers, ironstone, clocks, old fabrics & what-nots, mirrors & you know my love of signage!
10 Priceless 3. 20170717_180126
Bonus: rose ad with a galvanized watering can.
10 Priceless .2 20170717_180119
So much to think about!

Have you heard of the mega flea market that happens in Brimfield, MA?  That would be a road trip in & of itself {had to look that up on Rand McNally= it’s 19.75 hours/1224 miles from me, but who’s counting}.  It’s still on my dream list.

Brimfield 1. 20170717_180202
I can’t even….
Brimfield 2. 20170717_180320
If you walked out with nothing in your hands, would it be a crime?

Ok, I couldn’t wait till the end….do you recognize these next few images….I’ve shared them before, even my own personal pictures, several times….I’d have to guess it’s almost nationally know by now, it’s it?  It’s the Yoder barn from The Barn, Wellman!  Love this little article about the wedding part of this setting!

Barn 1. 20170717_180525
Vintage Vows indeed ❤
Barn 2. 20170717_180539
The nearly-famous Yoder Barn, Wellman, IA!
Barn 3. 20170717_180554
My mind’s eye is swimming with ideas if I were to help plan a wedding here…so many possibilities! 

Charming it is, the pictures here are a few favorites & I’ll tell you why:

Charm 1. 20170717_180731
Mason jars, always a smile maker…then this little wood tray with charming handles, so pretty!
Charm 2. 20170717_180742
The lettered knobs on the cabinet are something I would love to do; the shutter brought indoors – brilliant; & I like that Scandinavian-inspired white star in the window.
Charm 3. 20170717_180808
A quaint & cozy kitchen, just the right size.
Charm 4. 20170717_180826
How could you not want to create in this room!

Storage comes in clever & adorable containers, the uses for many objects find new meaning:

Storage 1. 20170717_180341
Whether it’s useful, everyday items or collections or a little bit of both, look at these great ideas for storage.
Storage 2. 20170717_180355
Vintage medical/pharmacy cabinets have long been on my ‘gotta have’ list…but have yet to find one for sale…..someday 🙂
Storage 3. 20170717_180409
Lockers never go out of style do they?  I have a single one, painted…what else…aqua!

This next article makes me think of Tif & her Granny Chic style.  Florals are always going to be around, so versatile you can mix & match florals and pair them with other designs such as stripes or chevron for an updated look.

Bloom 1. 20170717_180419
Floral fabrics, embroidery, etc. : swoon!
Bloom 2. 20170717_180451
There are several TIY projects in this issue!

Last, but certainly not least….the porch.  Whether you have a full, front porch, something on the side, a wrap-around or enclosed to keep the bugs away, make sure your eclectic style doesn’t stop at the door.  Bring it outdoors so everyone can see!

Porch 1. 20170717_180618
Layers outdoors are a great way to give visual interest to passers by!
Porch 2. 20170717_180632
Lighting, flooring, comfy seating, storage & style can come together & still look pretty and inviting!
Porch 3. 20170717_180658
Texture, as in smooth, rough or in between add up to great outdoor appeal.

Well, like I said, this issue is jam-packed with beautiful pictures, inspiring ideas, travel & event concepts, make a house a home motivations & loads more.  It’s in your local shopping markets now so grab your own copy.  I’m sure you’ll want to keep it & reference back to it from time to time.

Happy Vintage Inspirations!


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