Adorable & Functional Curtains, Again, in the Living Room

Happy Friday!
I’ve got a huge shout out to my Mom for making some wonderful curtains for our living room {THANX Mom!} ūüôā Since moving here 20 years ago, this tri-panel window has had individual, custom tan roller shades & various valances {also made by my very talented Mom}. ¬†
But after the walls were painted gray & the new furniture came along this year, I wanted a light-filled room. Little did I realize that Junk Hunk Hubby wouldn’t agree & mornings were a bit bright {shhh, don’t tell him I said that}. ¬†Even after I added textured window cling I just didn’t want curtains again. ¬†Then we compromised & agree: we’d try easy open curtains I could pull back to let the light in whenever I wanted {but not in the morning}.
Hours of research resulted in our final decisions of: ¬†large, silver rings with mini-alligator clips &….yep, homemade curtains. ¬†I’m diggin’ the texture of the multi-shade gray upholstery fabric scored from the newly opened Hobby Lobby at 30% off. It compliments the rest of the room perfectly while being functional too!
Here’s the process:
As you can see, even at night, the light filters through the cling {found on Amazon}. ¬†There’s JHH working on putting the curtain rod hardware in place so I can then measure for fabric.
Hardware in place! ¬†One bracket in the middle will allow two curtain panels to be pulled back on each side when I want the light. ¬†The rod is muted silver from Menard’s & less than $25.00.
Close up of the fabric: ¬†it’s a tonal gray, super textured, yummy to the eyes!
Here’s another view of the fabric. ¬†It looks a little plaid-ish here but when you aren’t up this close you don’t notice it {thank goodness!}
Rod, clips & fabric are up & I’m diggin’ it!!! ¬†The color in this picture doesn’t do it justice, it really is a great combination with all the other grays in the room.

If you can sew a straight line you too can make these. ¬†I know how to sew but Mom volunteered & they mean even more to me this way too ‚̧ ¬†She’s also a genius when figuring out how much yardage is needed; wallpaper too….how does she do it? ¬†No clue but I’m glad she does!

What home decorating projects are you working on?


Curtain rod: ¬†Menard’s
Curtain rings w/alligator clips:  eBay
fabric & thread:  Hobby Lobby


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