Calling all Magazine Hoarders…I mean Lovers!

Happy Magazine Monday!

Today is a different twist & instead of showing you just one issue, I’m sharing LOTS of them.  Pick something from the few I’m sharing here or search for something else.  The selection of topics is unbelieveable!  I’ve only shopped for topics that interest me but when you are on the home page, there are:  robots, kitchen remodel, travels, pets, photography, food/cooking, technology, art, hobbies/crafts & comics to name a few.

I wish I could remember how I found MagCloud.  One day, while googling {which I’ve been known to do a little, or a lot} … there was this website that shared a list of links to blogs or websites & after clicking on Kerryanne’s Shabby Art Boutique there it was : her magazines … sold on MagCloud.  I thought to myself, who’s been hiding these fantabulous issues?!?!

Apparently it’s been around for awhile?  Some of the issues went back a few years but that didn’t matter, I found them 🙂  Of course I started with Kerryanne’s Simply Shabbilicious & it snowballed into searching for:  vintage, junk, cottage & farmhouse. Here are some of my favorites:

Aiken House & Garden
Carolyn also has a beautiful blog & I subscribe to get all the beautiful images right away.  This is an issue I own & cherish.
Creating Vintage Charm
This looking like an amazing magazine!
Fall Farmhouse
For foodies who love Fall, this is for you.
Flea Market Gardening
This publication looks a lot different than the flea market magazines I’ve seen before.
Homebound Christmas
I’m sure I would like this one.
It has it all: recipes, interior painting tips & diy.
Inspiration Vintage Lifestyle
If you have the passion for vintage…
Iowa Photographs
There are 5 issues….I’m going to have to have at least one.
Simply Shabbilicious
One of the few Simply Shabbilicious issues.
Simply Shabbylicious
I’m a huge Tilda fan!  A copy of this issue lives with me  🙂
The Feminine Home
Can you imagine how romantic the images are?
Vintage Finds
Living in or visiting FL soon, then check this out!

MagCloud doesn’t just show you the cover, it gives you a couple more pages & lets you know how many pages are in each issue with the pop-up pages!  While using the search bar for those keywords I did find some magazines that were not was I was looking for but that can be an advantage too, what if you find the unexpected?  Even if there is no initial image but the description intrigues you, click on it!  The images will be on the next page!  Another great feature is you can get almost all of the issues in print, digital & a combination of both.  You may find some are a bit more than superstore prices but their collection is like no other & you are probably not going to find them anywhere else.  I haven’t found any that offer a subscription so there is no worry of getting issues you don’t like, you pick the one{s} you love!

Being a creative soul, I am curious about being able to also publish on MagCloud!  My mind is already swirling with ideas….but that will be a project for another day.  In the meantime, we all should check out the issues, order some & unwind with the lovely images that are bound to inspire & aspire ❤

Happy Glossy Pages Junkers!



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