Thinking about this blog thing…

Hi Fellow Junkers!

Instead of writing for you I like to think of us as already being in a conversation.  Since starting this blog over a year ago, more times than I care to admit I’ve wondered if the randomness here is going in the right direction.  Then I think, does it matter?  Shouldn’t it be about the journey & adventures?  And if you like it, since you’re here after all, isn’t that enough?  Sure, there are bloggers selling info about how to be better:  gain more readership, get more likes & more followers.  Honestly, I’m torn sometimes in thinking it needs improving & that little voice says “Why should it be zhuzhed up?  How much of a difference would it make?  Who am I really trying to impress? What would I do to mix things up?”  So instead of trying to make it the best, I checked on trends.

There were a few ideas I liked while searching for blogging trends & my little voice said….let’s try it!  Get out of your comfort zone, silly Girl!  No one ever made themselves happy with doing the same things over & over.  So I’m still here, loving this blog, my little piece of junk heaven with teasers on FB & IG {love those parts too}!  So first think I see people mentioning is the term blogger isn’t always going to be around, instead ‘influencers’ will replace it.  Wow, do I not like that word, sorry.  It just doesn’t roll off your tongue very nicely.  Just today I saw a blogger using it.  Hey, if it works for you, GO for it!

Instead, I’ve done my own digging {you know me & thesaurus, we go way back} & I came up something unique, a name I really like.  Just like when we were naming our junk store back in 2013: Lucky Junk Alley, now that’s a name!  I started with a hand written list, added some, crossed out others & it just materialized:

aka Junk Maven clock vingette with mantel from sweet pea home

Ok, if you look up the definition of Maven, Merriam-Webster says, “one who is experienced or knowledgeable;  expert;  a person who knows a lot about a particular subject” & thesaurus says “connoisseur;  artist;  advisor”.  I like all of those explanations, except I’m not an expert.  I was junkin’ when junkin’ wasn’t cool, thanks to my awesome parents & grandparents.  I just know what I like & if it’s something you like too then: subscribe, like, follow, share, comment : the whole thing….or quietly tag along, I’m okay with that too 🙂

Happy Junking!

~ Junk Maven @ JMTSH


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