Come along Thrifting, Part Deux {2}

Hello Vintage Sidekicks:

Today was the day:  Mom & I headed to the thrift stores in Pella (IA)!  There was just a fun & free-spirited feeling when we drove North, chatting about her sisters, my kids/her grandkids, my Dad, funny things we’d forgot to share with each other on our nearly daily talks when one of us calls the other.  I realized, it wasn’t the thrifting, shopping, etc. it’s who you’re with!  Can I get an Amen?!?!

We first stopped at The Well Thrift Store over by Theisen’s.  Back in the day this place was packed full of clothes, home decor, furniture in two different areas, bedding, actual beds, you name it.  If you moved & had nothing, you could find almost all of it there. Then it closed for an update, reopened & they are adding more & more great things every time we visit.  I got a nice sized serving bowl, circa 60’s maybe & a melamine oval small-ish snowman serving platter, perfect for potlucks at the day job.  Mom got a nice punch of faux flowers, the little tiny ones.  She finds all kinds of  cute things to do with them!

Then we went across town to the Bibles for Missions Thrift Store.  It hasn’t been around as long but it sure has some great things too.  Mom found the cutest pair of white capris with fancy back pocket stitching, an adorable white blouse with a mingly black floral pattern & burn out design, the prettiest little half apron with embroidery & a nice bathroom rug set.  I found a snowman plate wall hanging, a snowman painted box to display or hang on the wall, a nice pair of capris for me as well & Mom spied a checked pink/white hemmed tea towel with an embroidered pink tea pot for me.  I spent right at $20 & Mom was under $20!!!

I have a two videos over on Facebook {sorry, can’t upload videos here since I don’t have a premium wordpress package} but here are some fun pictures of things I brought home & a few other goodies we liked:

This is a Lionhead table.  Mom’s parents had a smaller round one that I proudly own now 🙂  Note the lionhead drawer pull, the carved legs with metal feet & the finals {hard to see} next to the drawer, in the corner, that are upside down.  So unique and for $35 a steal!


These hats!!!  Mom & I both agreed, they were something back in the day!
Mid-Century Modern desk: those legs, those drawer pulls….just needs zhuzhed up & for $5 it would be worth the work & effort for a quick turn around.
Mom laughed at & loved this spoon!  It says “Short’ning And Ice Cream Spoon”  LOL Short’ning!
The little platter in red and the wooden box in yellow, with glitter; they’re almost twins.
This bowl was a bit bigger than the usual ones, almost a pasta dish size, perfect for reunions & potlucks.  If you’ve followed me for long, you know I love old kitchen linens….SO very soft & pre-loved ❤
This was a terrific find for only $5, the black rack & the three plates that make the ‘snowman’ are just adorbs!


So, what treasures will we find next time, who knows?  But no matter what, we had a great time together & that was the most priceless thing of all ❤

Happy Thrifting All!

~  Junk Maven



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