Generations of Junk

Mom & I tease that Dad is a hoarder but there is a thread of truth to it.  After over a dozen moves, some from the Midwest to the Pacific Northwest and back, and nearly 60 years later they have accumulated…well, stuff.

There had been talk, on & off, for a while now about getting a dumpster & purging the piles & boxes full of things & recently, Mom decided it was time.  We arranged for the dumpster to be there a maximum of two weeks.  Within a week, it was full, dumped & returned.  As of yesterday, five days after that, it’s full again.  Three generations full of possessions & most of it, not so glamourous.  Boxes of shoes, yarn & empty photo albums {luckily years ago, Mom had emptied them} & more.  Then, coffee cans full of nails, nuts, bolts & hardware store objects.  That was my Dad’s way of storing manly things you might need at any moment.

Of course, it’s emotional too.  Thoughts of my grandparents, gone to heaven years ago, brought a tear or two.  At one point, after lunch yesterday, we looked through my Grandma’s ‘scrap album’ with newspaper & magazine clipping of things she liked…a butterfly stopped by.  Do you believe in signs? The kind that a loved one in heaven is thinking about you or the deja vue ones?  I do, always have.  I said to the butterfly “Hi Grandma!”  & when we were done admiring the her album, off it flew.  🙂

Mom has a great eye for knowing what to keep & sits aside things she think I’ll want to see or have. Isn’t that great?!  One of the first things she showed me was a first aide kit. Not just any first aide kit, this little metal tin was from the Department of Lands and Forests, Ontario {Canada}.  Instantly, I loved it!  Dad worked in Canada in the mid-60’s & to think, it was still around after all these years.  It’s rusty, the inside was very dusty & it smells funny but it’s oh so awesome.  After carefully dusting everything with a small, dry paintbrush, here are the images of this tiny hinged golden treasure & contents:

20170805_185152 (1)
About 5″ x 3.5″ x 1″ it’s a gem, don’tcha think?
20170805_185203 (1)
First glimpse of the inside, with instructions!
20170805_185211 (1)
Notice: matches, Q-tips, gauze, band-aids, a tiny plastic ‘vitamin’ box, two fishing lures {that cracked me up} & a wooden something…still haven’t figured out what it is.
All cleaned up {without any liquid of course} but you’d be surprised what a good, hard mouth blow will do when cleaning dust from Q-tips, lol.  Also the ammonia tablets, wrapped in it’s own gauze-like material.  
Had to get a close-up of the ammonia ‘capsules’ or tablets…they make the tin box smell funny.  Mom thinks they leaked a little.  Notice the printing “Ammonia..(See Carton…Label…CRUSH – INHALE…Mine Safety…Pittsburgh, Pa”.  AMAZING that in it’s 60+ years of existence that any moisture didn’t ruin it all!
Ok, back to the fishing lures…safety as in staying alive & catching fish to eat?  Doubtful, I would have to guess Dad but them in there.  For safe keeping?  At any rate, they are cool!
Vitamins in a safety kit….?
It’s like a tiniest sewing kit ever!  Not sure it’s original to the set but it’s adorable!
Four birthday-looking candles with a rubber band around them, 2″ compress bandage package {never opened} & there’s that wooden thing…the oddity: a small, oval piece of metal protrudes from one end & on the side is a gorged out place about 1/3 of the way down, weird.  I bet Mike or Frank would know what it is!
And in the bottom, more gauze, in a sealed, waxed envelope.  The gray matter on the side is what I think leaked from the ammonia tablets & mixed with dust, it’s stuck to the metal.

More & more treasures are coming out of the garage.  I’m delighted, Junk Hunk Hubby…not so much.  Secretly, he thinks to himself that I am my Dad’s daughter, a hoarder as well?  Not like the kind on tv mind you…our home looks normal {ok, you’ve seen pictures} but our upstairs closets might be a bit full of this & that, teehee.  Anyway, I’ve been bringing home a few things that I like & I’ll be sharing them as well.

Happy Junk Treasure Hunting!

~ Junk Maven


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