Tuesday Trick or Treat in October, Deux

Hello Junkers!

I’ve been wanting to share some vintage & not so vintage Pyrex Halloween designs & now is the perfect time 🙂  My search first included looking for ‘pumpkin’, ‘Halloween’ & ‘bat’ with Pyrex on eBay & then realized it wasn’t necessarily just about the designs but instead patterns & colors.  As you know, Pyrex colors include more than a 120ct box of Crayola crayons!  With all the variations of yellow & orange they are all perfect with black.  Then there are those inspirational images of Halloween colors mixed with a little aqua, red & even a little pink.

pyrex halloween
This hutch display of orange, yellow, black & white with the varying patterns & nod to candy corn is charming….I would copy this & isn’t imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right ?!?!
pyrex halloween pumpkin
These little ramekins with pumpkins on the vine could totally pass as vintage!
pyrex halloween black
Any of these black/white patterns could mix with the Autumnal colors.  There is even black with white patterns too.  Mix & match until you like the look!
pyrex halloween color combo 2
What a unique display! The darker green…maybe teal?….works great with the pumpkin orange, black & look at that gold!
pyrex halloween colors display
This is a fun mix of old & new with classic colors on a smart kitchen cart offset with Halloween cookie cutters & I love that vintage owl!
pyrex halloween orange
Variations of orange ~ LOVE!
pyrex halloween bat ghost pumpkin
Here is a newer set of Halloween dishes!  There are more styles than this so do a search & see what works with your collections {or start a new one, oh yeah!}

Happy Trick or Treat Tuesday, Junkers!

~ Junk Maven


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