Trick or Treat Tuesday x Three

Hello Junkers!

It’s the third Tuesday of sharing my Trick or Treat All Hallow’s Eve ideas.  When it comes to Autumn, I have more ideas than any other time of year.  Fall is my favorite time of year and Halloween is my favorite holiday.  I used to feel bad about saying that since I felt obligated to say Christmas was my favorite, but it’s true so I own it in my ‘older’ age.

Today I’m sharing Halloween costumes through the centuries.  I remember my Chinese Princess costume circa 1973.

Chinese Princess Halloween costume
Even though the mask was hot, my breath made condensation & I had to explain to everyone what I was ‘a Chinese Princess’ I still loved this costume.  We lived in Moscow, ID at the time & I remember watching It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown ❤

Through the years costumes have been made from many materials, it was all how much you could afford, wanted to spend & really how creative you could be.  That is still true today.  One quick search on Pinterest & you’ve got a bazillion Halloween costume ideas.  Here’s a walk through Halloween history & how much fun people were having:

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Above features the Victoria times through 1930’s.

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Images above are from 1940-1960’s.

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Above are the 1970-1990’s.

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The above images are a collection from 2000 to current of celebrities, the family group trend & more.

What are your favorite Halloween memories?  What was your favorite costume?  I remember when our son had friends over one year we did a scary theme with spooky music outside, faux blood dripped on their masks & clothes & Junk Hunk Hubby took the chain off a chain saw so they could scare the bejeebies out of some trick or treaters.  Innocent fun, right?!

Happy All Hallow’s Eve Junkers!

~ Junk Maven


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