That’s a Wrap {Christmas Paper}

Hi Junkers:


As I was digging through my boxes of Christmas wrapping ephemera, I told Junk Hunk Hubby I might have enough on hand until we are grandparents, which could be up to 4 years away, but then, when do you ever have too many embellishments?  I can’t get enough!  I’ve always loved packaging!

Simple sheet wrapping paper with a bow is my first recollection of adorning presents.  To think, you decorate a gift!  Who ever thought that up was a genius {and apparently that genius was in China back in 105AD}!  Then someone added ribbon….more brilliance. Then tags…wow!  Fast forward to the 21st century & there is so much to choose from:  simplicity to elaborate, it’s all pure fun!

I’d recently seen a blog post with a picture of true, vintage wrapping paper rolls.  It made me realize how far we’ve come in design, textures & color.  It sure did stir fond memories of packages from years ago.  Gift bags are a popular alternative to boxes & wrapping gifts.  Just add some tissue paper & done.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of this style & ease, but there is nothing like tearing that paper, hearing the crinkle & making a sea of paper waves all over the living room.

This led me to thinking:  I wonder how much of that paper is still around?  A few quick clicks on eBay & I was transformed back in time.  There was page after page of single paper sheets, rolls of wrapping paper & even tags.  Some of them looked very familiar.  I wondered if some of my presents as a youngster were wrapped in that same scheme?

Here is a sample of the lovely goodies you can still find, order & revolutionize your gifts & packages in a time warp too:

poinsetta paper


gordon paper


GV ribbon


Peanuts paper


cute santa paper


mod paper


dutch paper


That’s a wrap 🙂

~ Junk Maven


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