What a Junker Wants!

Hi Junkers!

What was on your list you gave Santa this year?  Are you like me?  I had perfume {because I’m almost out}, jewelry, Vera Bradley {insert  any other brand} purses, eBay Shiny Brite ornaments & junking tee shirts {from Pink Lemonade}.  I’m blessed that our Daughter does the shopping for Junk Hunk Hubby.  We’ve worked out a super easy system: I make a Pinterest board that we share, I add items I’d like to find under the tree & then I’m surprised…maybe it’s because I have way more on the board than I need.

Then I got to thinking, what do junkers really want?  To GO junking right !?!?  Part of junking is traveling, as in a vacation!  Every December, I start searching for events in the new year, do you?  Event tickets or gift certificates would make great gifts, wouldn’t they?  Think “Shop Local & Support Smaller Businesses” too!  What a great excuse to go junkin’ for a day when you say “I’ve gotta spend my gift card”!  So far, my list of events & shops that I didn’t get to last year & have moved to 2018 is growing by the minute.

Most occasional events sell advances tickets online, some even have Early Bird rates or multiple day pass tickets!  I got to looking around & noticed that JunkStock & Junk Bonanza both offer online tickets.  A sneak peek at your junker’s Facebook or Instagram pages can reveal their favorites so it’s easy peasy & they’ll think you have ESP!  This is a fun way to amaze that special junker on your gift list!

what a junker wants

Happy Christmas Shopping!

~ Junk Maven


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