Vickerman’s Christmas Wreath Zhuzh Up!

Hi Junkers!

I’m happy to report that I got a Christmas project checked off my list….finally!  Somewhere in Pinterestland I saw an aqua Christmas wreath.  It was instant love ❤  You know me, I had to have one so the search was on.  Have you heard of Vickerman’s?  It’s an “importer & wholesaler of quality seasonal decorations” since 1940 with the headquarters in Minnesota, USA!  I ordered my wreath via Amazon so I could use some points 😉

The vintage & Shiny Brite ornaments have been collecting in a box over the last several years.  Those ‘wreaths’ made purely of ornaments have always fascinated me & my ultimate goal was to make one but I was terrified an ornament or two would break & then what do you do? They’re all glued together.  Of course there are ornaments glued to pine bough wreaths too & they are equally as delectable but again, breakage.  I have enough ornaments to make one but I like variety….change.  So this is what I came up with:

Here’s my box marked “Delicate Christmas Ornaments”!  
Vickerman’s aqua Christmas bough wreath after I fluffed it up.
                    ^ this genius idea was on Brooklyn’s Beauty live Facebook video last week ^                           She had her pine wreath on a full size easel but this table top model is all I had.  It did work for what I needed; I’ll never lay a wreath on the table to decorate again!
Ok, so I wasn’t listening to Christmas music on Music Choice, but I think the smooth jazz worked the trick while I was getting things started 🙂
The finished product….whatcha think?
Here’s your close-up.  Which one is your favorite?  They’re all my favorites, teehee!
Left over ornaments…..next year it can get zhuzhed up again, looking fresh & new!

Happy Vintage Christmas Junkers!  I’m happy to be back, sharing the junking life & projects with you all.  Working the 9-5’er tomorrow, then off till next Thursday.  Going to be spending some quality time with the family!  Please do me a favor, hugs those you love, TELL them you love them, yes, it’s that important!  Thanx 🙂

~ Junk Maven


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