Enjoying the Little Things

Hi Junkers!

One good thing about a 9-5’er is that they pay you to go on vacation.  I had the two days after Christmas marked as vacation for months & was so glad.  Christmas with the family was good: we exchanged some very nice gifts, played some silly games, they indulged me with a sticker activity, homemade food & treats & best of all we were just together!

Daughter wanted to go see a high school friend who now lives about 4 hours away so I booked a hotel & we made a road trip out of it.  It was a bit more rushed than I anticipated but I did get some great photos along the way & while we were there.  Not many shops were open but it’s nice to know those folks are having some quality holiday time!

Here’s some things I found interesting both going to Illinois, visiting & coming home:

An early start on a zero degree morning.
This stretch of road felt more like a forest.
Crossing the border.
Are you as mesmerized by wind turbines as much as we are?
An old marquee theater!
City street Christmas decorations with a dusting of snow.
Part of my Snapchat story 🙂  
On the telephone pole, in the middle there, on top, see it?  Yes, the crow!  When we travel, I count the crows I see.  Oddly, I feel connected to them.  This is number…23 maybe.  I watched as he flew & landed so I stopped to get her picture 🙂
Bishop Hill reminds me of the Amana Colonies.  The BH Colony Store is great! 
You know me & Scandinavian things ❤ LUV!  This place was FULL of wonderful Swedish things & goodies!
Some of the buildings in Bishop Hill are so unique!
Not sure but could this have been a school?
The whole thing, clear to the very top of the eagle, is amazing!
A real cabin with this adorable fence….& someone lives there!
Sadly, not open…I know  😦
Hantverk Galleri, above, has homemade pottery & other local artist creations: loved it!  We took home the more adorable little snowman ornament!
A sampling of their pottery & garden totem poles that can be left outside year round {& you can make your own totems!}.
Fun place for lunch in Kewanee: The Broken Chimney.  Super nice Girls working & great food!
On the way home with the sun hiding behind the clouds.  I think these electrical towers are super cool looking!
Saw this vintage sign on the way there, got this picture on the way back!
Bridge over the Mississippi!
Iowa is Home ❤ 
Less than 50 miles from home & another beautiful shot similar to our departure 🙂

Besides driving around taking pictures I was able to relax for a few hours while the Girls went shopping.  We did some shopping together & I was even able to get them into Goodwill too!

What activities did you all do while also celebrating Christmas?  Hoping it was everything you’d wished for & more!

~ Junk Maven



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