A Happy Junk Proclamation : Spread the Word!

Hi Junkers!

Do you get ah-ha moments or ideas?  Normally, they happen for me while I’m getting ready in the morning.  Today I had a stream of thoughts that moved at lightning speed where is started with the New Year, trying to come up with an idea for a blog post & then it ended with thoughts of celebrating.  Then the word declaration came to mind.

I started looking for ‘junk day’ & ‘flea market day’.  Guess what?  It doesn’t…didn’t…exist.  There is a cool website:  www.brownielocks.com that lists the normal and off-the-beaten path holidays.  It’s even sorted by month and day!

Then I wondered, how do you proclaim a holiday?  Google lead me to some good information so for the sake of keeping it fun & simple, I’m happy to doing my own holiday declaration:

Flea Market & Junk Day est 05012018

Flea Market & Junk Day will now be happily celebrated on the first Saturday of each May, starting this year {est. May 5, 2018}, hopefully by, well, EVERYONE!  What do you think?  Well, I LOVE it!  🙂  It’s the perfect way to say the flea market & junk season is officially kicking off ❤


SPREAD THE WORD!!!  Let’s see how far this thing can go!  Thanx!

~ Junk Maven ❤


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