Music is the Answer

Hi Junkers!

Haven’t used the letter board for ages, so I dusted off the patina {ok, it was dust} & found a little something to share as I listen to my smooth jazz & tidy up clean up the craft room.  It looked like Will Farrell’s ELF got into the spiked punch & had a party in here.  I had removed the Christmas things from down stairs only to simply drop them off up here.  Now I have gift bags, tissue, tags, misc. embellishments, odds & ends & even gifts meant to be given this year {found ‘hidden’ is several places} all now corralled!

With all the pressure this time of year to get organized, get in shape, eat healthy, purge the clutter, clean those closets & junk drawers {yes, we all have one} & all the other things we apparently put off last year doing, I thought it was a good reminder to listen to the music, it always makes me feel better!  And, by the way, but I’ll do all those things in due time…..when I’m ready, thanks.   😉

the secret is to listen

~ Junk Maven


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