Zhuzhed Up Bulletin Board

Hi Junkers!

If I had to guess, lots of you out there have a 9-5’er like me, that supports your junk habit, right?  Mine has been on the stressful side lately & I have a new, smaller office.  My old office was spruced up with wall decor & knick knacks but I had it all boxed up.  Over the weekend I sorted it all & chose what was coming back.

I had decided the bulletin board needed zhuzhed up.  It just so happened that we were in the town with Hobby Lobby so I picked up some new fabric.  This time I used duck fabric {denim-like with thick fibers} instead of the cotton.

I left the border the same black it already had & made sure the new fabric was a good compliment.  It’s an older, in decent shape bulletin board & where the cork meets the frame it has a bit of wiggle room.  I cut the fabric & left about 3/4 inch extra from the inside of the frame.  Then I used a serrated edged butter knife to push the fabric in between the frame & cork along all sides.   See photos to get a better idea of this process.

Here are the before & after pictures :

Before ^ there was batik fabric in a blue/gray speckle pattern.
One edge done, three to go.
Here ^ is the fabric around the inside of the frame.  Using the serrated edge of the butter knife, it is fairly easy to grip the fabric & push it under the edge.
At first I used the smooth edge to get the fabric started, then switch to the ridged edge of the knife where you can get some leverage & really tuck it up under.
Another close up of the process.
Finished bulletin board!

I have to say I’m very pleased with the way it turned out 🙂  I will forever miss my old office that is now a storage room.  I enjoyed having a window & being able to see the birds.  Now I’ve got these cute birds to keep me company!

Happy Zhuzhing Something Up!

~ Junk Maven


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