Sprucing up for Spring

Hi Junkers!

It’s enjoyable to decorate for the holidays but it might be more fun to decorate for the seasons!  We’re just able to appreciate all the visual treasures longer, right!  That’s why when Valentine’s Day was over it was time to put different things together.  I love to rearrange but since our living room is small & includes an outside door, a doorway & stairs along with complicated outlets it’s unheard of for me to move the furniture so instead my decor gets refreshed a lot.

I have maybe three boxes full of old, new, vintage, antique, etc. decor that I love.  It’s sort of like going shopping & funny thing, I do forgot what I have sometimes, so that’s entertaining, ha.  Here is what I’ve done with the mustard-colored cabinet area lately:

Sorry it’s a bit fuzzy, but you get the idea  🙂
The bible quote wood sign is a chalk paint stencil I did with one of my BFF’s at a local-ish painting shed shop.  Items are: oil can heart : Old Parts New Hearts, bird candle holder : a gift, McCoy pot : What Cheer Flea Market,  vase : eBay, the old books : Spring City Vintage,  greenery : Black Bird Primitives, vintage tablecloth : Mary Jobs @ What Cheer Flea Market & frame : Hobby Lobby.
See the frames on the left side of the picture?  Full image below:
Item resources:  vintage frames : various events, metal bird bucket : Dollar General, greenery & nest stick : Black Bird Primitives. 

Have any of you got bitten by the Spring bug yet?  The rest of the living room is coming together.  One project is repotting some plants & picking out new flooring.  Still no compromise on the stairs {that still have hunter green carpet but Junk Hunk Hubby won’t budge on getting rid of it, lol}.

Happy Spring Sprucing!

~ Junk Maven


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