Mrs. Easter Bunny

Hi Junkers!

I’ve been slacking on the junk scene lately & instead I’m switching home decor around trying to put some bright colors out.  Spring is officially here but the weather sure isn’t cooperating much so it’s hard to get in the mood to junk.  It’s been fun planning some of the things to zhuzh up the porches with, which includes new front porch stairs & railing.

Have you seen the many images {Facebook, Pinterest, etc.} of the galvanized tire wreath from Hobby Lobby & all the different ways people have decorated them?   I remember them from last year & they sold out fast.  Here’s a sample:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I was lucky enough to find the tire again on their website recently & had a gift card from Christmas.  Then I thought, what’s more Spring than a bunny?  A quick search on eBay uncovered an 80’s style handmade cloth bunny for a steal:

She’s adorable but needed a little TLC:  eyes, mouth needed cleaned up & needed dressed.

Here eyes are gray buttons with a single, white sequin sewed on over it.  Noticer her mouth?  It’s a bit wet….a little OxyClean scrub & a dab of bleach did the trick.
Another angle….a real cutie!
” I’m ready for my close up “
SNIFF : I have a nose!
Not crazy about the embroidery floss black whiskers….
Eyelashes work.  The new gray & pink embroidery floss whiskers….still not right.
Cream upholstery thread whiskers for the win!  

As far as her face goes, I’m happy with how it turned out.  Then she needed some clothes.  She’s small so I picked out a couple things at Goodwill in 0-3 months but when I got them home, they were still too big, ha.  Clothing is going to be a challenge, might have to look on eBay for doll clothes, what do you think?

And, if you know me, I have to give things a name.  She doesn’t have one yet, any suggestions?  She’ll soon find her home in the tire wreath.  She’s going to make a great Springtime addition to the enclosed back porch.  More to come!

Happy Spring!

~ Junk Maven


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