Fig Leaf ‘Tree’ Score from Home Goods

Hi Junkers!

I wanted to share with you a great find I found, a fig leaf ‘tree’!  If any of you are fans of the HGTV show Fixer Upper, you will have seen one.  You might not have noticed it or known what it is so here’s an image from the show:

fig leaf tree from fixer upper hgtv

I’ve really always wanted an olive tree:

olive trees  And have looked at them for years.  Live ones, faux ones…they all are expensive & yes, I’m probably way too picky about how they look {branches, leaves, olives, height, container, the whole thing} & never found one that was what I wanted within my budget let alone worried I’d spend good money only to have it die.

With most women, our tastes change & we find new things to like, right?  Although I haven’t given up on my ‘dream’ olive tree my thoughts expanded into the fig leaf tree/plant.  Just as adorable & with the faux plants being made more realistic I was sure I’d find something eventually.

Not long ago one of my best friends & I were shopping at Home Goods.  About mid-way through the store I’d found a very affordable sitting buddha in a black/bronze finish, super charming {what can I say, I like zen things}!  As it made its way around the store with me in my cart, I came across this beauty:


She instantly caught my eye, then I noticed the ‘olive basket’ container, the price tag said 40% off & it replaced buddha in my cart.  It’s over 5 foot tall & is overall a great substitute for the real thing {no watering or trying to figure out how to keep it alive}.  It sits in the corner of the living room.  I tried it on the floor but it wasn’t quite high enough to make an impact.  I tried it on the corner of the stairs, too tall there.  So I found the wicker footrest to an old tub chair my parents had back in the 70’s, set it on it & wah-lah.  Here are a few more views:

Rattan, wicker or bamboo footrest with metal legs
Close-up of the olive basket, it looks like galvanized metal but it’s plastic!
It’s light weight & not top heavy.

I smile when I walk in the room & see it  =)  When you’ve wanted something for that long & find it at a good price, it’s a happy day for sure.  Like I’ve said before & firmly believe,  the thing about decorating with items you fall for:  old, new, vintage, retro, antique, hand-me-downs, shabby & thrifty items is that they are always in style.  Making your house a home is all about how it makes you feel.  After all, you live there.  The other fun part is you can change things around, omit, add & re-group to get new looks.

What have you junkers found lately?  Happy Junking!

~ Junk Maven


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