29 years of Day Tripping

Hi Junkers!

Today Junk Hunk Hubby & I drove a few hours South into Missouri for the day.  It was to celebrate our 29th wedding anniversary which is actually tomorrow.  Jamesport was our destination since the last time we visited it was pouring rain & we only visited the country store.  This time, although it was cloudy, the temperatures were more Spring-like & we were able to enjoy walking around to all the fun stores.

Some stores had some great junk!  They are had their fair share of vintage things like glassware, baskets & knick knacks.  The bakery/restaurant was open & the quilt shop too.  Best part of all didn’t have a schedule:  we took time to get there, mosied around, chatted, took in the new scenery & had the best time just being together on a happy adventure!

Here are a few shots I took but honestly, I was mostly enjoying the day so I didn’t take as many as usual.  Check out the Facebook page post for business links.  Lesson for the day:  it’s time to get out there Junkers!

This original bar is in beautiful condition!
Who remembers these !?!?
Lots of other ‘junkers’ but not too crowded.
Found a small bundle of vintage lace here ^^^  Got a couple fabric yo-yo makers at One of a Kind & a couple vintage jewelry findings at Simply Primitives.

Happy Junking!

~ Junk Maven


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