Paint by Numbers, The Sequel

Hi Junkers!

Remember back a few months {okay, okay a LOT of months} ago when I started the Mason jar/peony flower paint by numbers piece?  My Mom was up for the challenge after I’d given up & guess what, it’s DONE!


Above are two shots of the ‘before’ & how little I contributed to it before becoming frustrated.  Seriously, those little areas with those little numbers, UGH!  I give my Mom full credit for having SO much patience.  There was hardly a day that she missed working on it which included using a magnifying glass!  Sometimes Lucy, her new kitty, had other plans & was trying too hard to help  ;p  so she’d put it aside.  I’m happy to share with you the beautiful piece of art it has become:

Just like the one in the magazine, if not better!!!
I was delighted to bring it home; it’s perfect!

Now that you have seen the before & after, maybe you too will feel inspired & try your hand at the paint by numbers art ?!?!  Thanks, Mom ❤

~ Junk Maven


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