A Vintage Wicker Picnic Basket gets new life with a little elbow grease!

Hi Junkers!

A few months back there was the best deal on an adorable wicker picnic basket in eBay, the shipping was nearly the same as the item…too good to pass up!  Not that we picnic, in fact, I was going to give it as a gift but it has a pie shelf & the whole thing is so very heavy.  It made me re-think the gift idea for sure.  Then it had this sticky stuff all over the top so it sat in the ‘office’ for a while until one day I needed a project.

Some substance was obviously laid on top of the basket {that was sticky} then fibers off something else maybe got stuck.  It was dried on for sure.
Look at that beautiful woven design.  The dark spots are where there is paint missing, giving it a true vintage vibe on the wicker & metal handles.
One of the big attractions to this basket was actually the pie shelf.  This allows you to layer your items: food dishes to accessories so nothing gets smushed.
There are still the same few scratches on the top but the sticky stuff is gone.  Goo-Be-Gone is a miracle liquid that smells like drunk oranges.  It probably took me close to 45 minutes & 12 paper towels to get all the guminess off.
Aerial view of the top.
Her she is now….she’s a beauty!

Still not sure what I’m going to do with the basket.  If I actually use it, it won’t be till our family reunions in July & August.  Sadly, I have nowhere to display her {yes a ‘she’…it’s the pink flowers} in the kitchen or anywhere else.   I’d part with her since I have no room but have you shipped anything lately?  I recently sold a vintage tupperware mold and made less than $2 due to the shipping cost =(   Do any of you have ideas on ways to use her?  It was a fun project in the end, just knowing how much better she looks.

Happy Junk Projects!

~ Junk Maven



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