What Goes Around ?

Hi Junkers!

The May issue of Country Living magazine has some amazing vintage finds & gets you in the mood to find some bargains this year while scouting all the events & flea markets!  One of the first things I noticed were the hunting dog pictures:

Look for this cover!
There are four vintage hunting dog paint-by-number magazine pictures above.

This reminded me of the ones I got from my folks while they were cleaning sheds last year.  I’ve had them in our ‘office’ room….still not sure what to do with them.  Not really my style but I have a nostalgic connection to them since they used to belong to my grandparents & I think my Grandpa Heston might have painted two of them them & I found this on eBay:


& these are mine:

Possibly painted by my grandpa!
These are some handsome dogs!

& this one this is not paint-by-numbers:

Another good looking picture!

The price range for these vintage pieces vary quite a bit but finding a buying might actually be the tricky part.  I think it’s a fun way to bring back fond childhood memories!  What sparks your vintage thoughts of long ago?

Happy Hunting Junkers!

~ Junk Maven


4 thoughts on “What Goes Around ?

  1. How lucky are you to have those dog paint by numbers and print?! Truly lucky. I’d keep those if I were you, or if they were mine!
    ps (if you are on Facebook, you should check out Diana of Adirondack Girl at Heart’s page, “Your Vintage Headquarters” and join in the conversation there, too, Lora!)


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