A little Christmas a little early

Hi Junkers!

A little bit of Christmas came a little early to me this week 🙂  Stephanie @ North Creek Antiques remembered from last year that I was looking for a chicken nesting box with the circle openings.  She had one @ the What Cheer Flea Market but it was three tiered & maybe 15 holes….too big for what I wanted.

Then, before this year’s WCFM she messaged me, asking if I was still looking for the smaller nesting box & to let me know she had one!!!  Mom was gracious enough to get it for me for an early Christmas gift, knowing it could be a long time before I found another.  Twice I’ve spied one at other events, only to quickly see the “SOLD” sign on it, ugh!

For now, this nesting box is waiting for me in Mom’s shed.  There are no chickens…yet… but there is a plan for chickens.  It might not be until I retire but it’s been a dream of mine for years, so until then, I’ll know that I have this waiting for those Girls  🙂


Keep those junk dreams alive!

~ Junk Maven


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