Junking Blooms

Hi Junkers:

Iris’ from country road ditches, a mini iron pump, old iron floor lamp pole {minus the lamp,etc.} & whirligigs in the back yard.
Peony’s from an old abandoned farmhouse & hostas photobombing.
Hostas in company with my Grandma Pearl’s lily of the valley.

Just thought I’d share a bit of what’s currently blooming in our yard.  Do you have blossoms bursting???

Happy Blooming Junk!

~ Junk Maven


2 thoughts on “Junking Blooms

  1. Love that you even find junkin’ blooms! I did that this year too, lol, and wished I had taken the opportunity a few years back to dig up some peonies on a farm when given the chance.
    Happy weekend, and enjoy your time away! Hope you find some good junk!

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    1. Next time you get that chance, take it! It took a few years for them to get going but this, their third year in our yard, & they are doing well.
      Thanks, hope your long weekend is a good one! We’re getting ready for our Tybee Island vacation this weekend, leaving on Tuesday 🙂


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