It’s the little things….

Hi Junkers!

Have you kicked off the weekend ahead of time & started junking today?  Our local sidewalks were full of great finds all around our historic town square.  A screen door just oozing with gingerbread caught me eye on my way home from the post office = SWOON!  We’ve got home improvement projects on the agenda this weekend, plus I’m doing the weekend manager duties at the 9-5’er which always puts a little crimp in plans….but that means I have Monday off so it’s a good trade 🙂

As you can tell we’re back to the daily hustle & routines but when we got back from vacation, I was pleasantly surprised by the beautiful bloom of my African Violet {with more on the way, yay}!  I think I’ve had it nearly 2 years & it hasn’t bloomed since the first ones when I brought it home…I’d even forgot what the flowers looked like {usually purple}.  Every time I walk into the living & see it, it makes me smile 🙂  Grateful for the little things!

African Violet plant 06082018

Happy Weekend All!

~ Junk Maven


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