Pressed tin panels as seen on Vacation

Hi Junkers!

Our adorable Mermaid Cottage, On A Whim, was full of local island decor, vintage items & antiques…right up our alley!  The living room wall had four pressed tin panels held together by heavy-duty wire & swirls, handing from molding.  What a great idea to up-cycle these often found metal squares!

At the last What Cheer Flea Market, our son’s girlfriend was looking at some tin panels for their living room.  Not enough in the same pattern {but she ended up with a super reasonably priced chippy 1/2 barn door with the original hardware}.  There are so many possible projects you can do with these.  Here are some from Pinterest:

tin panels 1
replace doors on used furniture
tin panels 2
a wall full of tins, would be fun in a bedroom, guest room or bathroom
tin panels 3
many times you’ll find tins un-cut – add a few hinges & you have a vintage screen
tin panels 4
love these neutrals

Here are some images of the one we liked while on vacation:

wishing I would have gotten a better shot, and some close-ups
one a whim mermaid cottage living room
the lighting is better in this photo, where you see the darker ‘spots’ between the panels, that is the swirls of wire

It just goes to show you, you never know where inspiration will strike!  Have you found anything this junking season that has sparked your interest?  If so, let us know!

~ Happy Inspiring Junk!

~ Junk Maven


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