Celebrating my Junk Hunk Hubby!

Hi Junkers!

Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers, step-fathers, grandpas & the men who give it their all to children of all ages!!!!  We can’t thank you enough for EVERYTHING you do, lots of time behind the scenes, to bless our lives ❤

Today is the first Father’s Day without my Dad & I’m missing him.  If he were here, I’d be making his favorite dessert, red velvet cupcakes or cake. ❤  Our college Girl dreams of him often so I know he’s with us in spirit, watching over us ❤  HAPPY Father’s Day, Dad!

My Junk Hunk Hubby has certainly stepped up the last few months & given so much of his time to so many projects, I can’t thank him enough!  At Mom’s he’s cleared out some huge trees, smoothed out the lane gravel & made sure it’s even up to the garage {although we know he loves using the tractor} & tilled to make the garden bigger.  He’s always doing things for us here at home:  we started on our porch project & he scrapped paint, the worse part, so I could paint; he got the boat & equipment ready for their cat-fishing trip to the Mississippi; not to mention all the day to day things we tend to take for granted!

I hadn’t made one of his favorite recipes for maybe years so I thought, what better thing to give him:  homemade biscuits & sausage gravy?!?!  For Mother’s Day they had given me the Magnolia Table cookbook so it was the perfect time to make Joanna’s biscuits.  Delicious indeed!  If you aren’t familiar with baking, you’ll need to take your time & practice if the first batch doesn’t seem right.  The recipe involves cutting cold butter into the flour mixture & knowing if, once it’s mixed, if it needs a bit more flour or liquid.  I’d venture to guess some younger ladies might not have a pastry cutter either…but I could be completely wrong too…

pastry cutter
this is a vintage pastry cutter : adorable

I don’t have a gravy recipe, but I do tend to use the same ingredients, I just don’t measure.  Gravy is one of my specialties, when I first started making it, it was like a challenge to get the right consistency & once I felt I perfected it, it wasn’t a recipe I could write down 😦

Here’s today’s progress for my breakfast present to my Junk Hunk Hubby:

Joanna’s Magnolia Table biscuits
home-made gravy
Junk Hunk Hubby’s bowl: biscuit, topped with gravy, topped with a biscuit

Whether you’re celebrating with or without your Dad today, I wish you a blessed day where you will treasure those cherished memories & honor all that our ‘Dads’ do for us ❤ ❤ ❤

Happy Father’s Day All!

~ Junk Maven


5 thoughts on “Celebrating my Junk Hunk Hubby!

  1. Lori, this is so awesome. I’m sorry for you experiencing this first Father’s Day without your dad. The firsts are always the hardest, but happy your daughter dreams of him!
    What a great way to honor your guy. My guy would be oh, so jealous, if he saw what you’re making! Enjoy the day.

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