Act my Age ?!?!

Hi Junkers!

Hope you’re enjoying the weekend!  I’ve stopped by the library yesterday to get another Mary Kay Andrews book; read one on vacation, another since we’ve been back & can’t put them down!  Another thing I learned is that Mary Kay is realy good friends with Ki Nassauer from the Flea Market Style magazine & Junk Bonanza!  Would they but fun to hang out with or what !?!?

Then today College Girl & I cleared out her room, cleaned & moved furniture.  She still had things from her apartment in there!  We’re not done sorting & rearranging, after 3 hours later & we needed a break, ha.  Lots will go in storage for now until the next move, some to the consignment store & a few things to Goodwill.  Is there such a thing as early Summer cleaning? 🙂

What are you up to this weekend?  Don’t these girls look like they’re having fun? LOL

act my age

Happy Junkin’!

~ Junk Maven



2 thoughts on “Act my Age ?!?!

  1. Oh my goodness….just got back from a girls weekend……this was us! It was way too much fun, especially the dance party on Sat night. We were on Lake Norman in NC.


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